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Country Manor

Property Sourcing

Leaning on our relationships with private agents and homeowners, as well as commercial real estate agents, we can efficiently present a selection of varied property options for our clients, including homes not openly on the rental market. 

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Staff Hiring

We build a bespoke household staff for each client, from a single housekeeper through to a larger team with nanny, chef, driver and security - we always ensure the team is a perfect fit. All employees are preferred to Offshore, and pre-approved by us. 


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Household Management

We manage the training and ongoing supervision of all staff, and day-to-day household management will always be held to an extremely high, but comfortable and discreet standard. Our goal is always a seamless and stress-free home environment.

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Our partnered private security firm are able to support with close protection services, and in-house management will always liaise with all persons coming in and out of the property, ensuring NDAs are signed (if desired) and security remains paramount.

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Relocation & Logistics

We are able to handle all aspects of relocation logistics  through our specialist in-house team, offering an end-to-end home moving service, ensuring peace of mind. We are experienced at transporting high value items around the globe, from artwork, to family pets.

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Renovation & Design

Our team's extensive background in property design and development allows us to support clients with any desired amendments to the home, from sourcing new appliances or artwork, through to large remodels. 



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Whether it's for the world's best (or most well-kept secret) restaurants and clubs, to sporting occasions and theatre, we lean on our industry relationships to always provide our clients the best possible experience. 

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Our dedicated luxury travel division, Offshore Travel, is born from years of experience in the travel industry, allowing us to expertly recommend and seamlessly execute a memorable adventure every time. Our clients always receive VIP status and enjoy pre-negotiated perks, through our affiliations and relationships.

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Private Events

We can support with the  planning, design and management of all private event requirements, from intimate dinner parties at home to celebrations for hundreds of guests, including catering, staff, bar, and more.

Sport Car

Asset Management  / Procurement

Whether an avid collector of art, wine, vehicles or rare luxury items, our team are expertly connected to help you acquire and develop your investments. 

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Our highly connected team are consistently searching (or helping to develop) new, extraordinary experiences that we can offer our clients, both home and abroad.


Wellbeing & Beauty

Our clients have access to our network of personal trainers, wellness specialists, make-up artists, stylists, aestheticians and more.

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