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The dedicated luxury travel division of Offshore Lifestyle. Available to a wider network of clients who do not necessarily require our extended lifestyle services, but who still crave personalised, curated travel experiences.

Offshore Travel is a boutique, bespoke luxury travel design partner for private clients looking to explore the world's most amazing destinations. 

Image by Mohamed Masaau
Image by Manuel Moreno

Why travel with us?

Our years of experience, extensive network within the luxury travel & hospitality industry, and focus on getting to know our clients personally, allow us to create incredible, curated trips around the world. Our background in concierge and lifestyle services means we are equipped to be as hands on or off with itinerary planning as you desire, whether it's a quick weekend away or a multi-destination adventure. 

From the world’s finest hotels, resorts and super-yachts to the best kept secret retreats, islands and hidden gems, we keep 'experience' in the forefront of our mind when designing your trips, ensuring our clients always create memories for a lifetime. 


As an independent affiliate of both Travel Edge – one of the world’s premier luxury travel agency networks - and Cartology Travel, we have preferred partner status with the best hotel brands in the world, pre-negotiated perks for our clients and access to an even wider network of global relationships.

Image by Sergi Ferrete

Start Designing your Trip

Enquire now to get the design process started. Not sure about all the details? Don't worry, just share what you do know! 

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